The CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE – Europes show for finest bike culture is the premium event for high quality, innovative and stylish brands from the bike and e-bike business on the European continent. Since the beginning in 2017 the show has constantly grown and even Covid-19, which caused a pause of two yearly editions of the show could not harm the successful story.
The idea behind the CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE is from the very first day until today the same. We are connecting people. The ones who love singlespeed bikes with the ones who love e-bikes, the Urban Bikers with the Mountainbikers, the handmade-bike lovers with the global players, the old ones with the young ones. People from every country or every continent on the planet. We believe in the power of the bicycle to unite all these people and we carry the strong believe in us, that it is you, the exhibiors and the visitors of our shows who are the stars. CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE is just the platform and we are giving our very best every day to create it as spectacular, as convenient and as high in quality as possible for you.


To ask all the bicycle- and e-bike lovers from the United States to come over across the atlantic to visit CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE seems more like an unrealistic idea, So we decided to switch parties and direction. That means: CYCLINGWORLD is heading across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States, to be precise, to NEW YORK CITY.
Well, we guess there are two options of how you react when we present these three letters NYC to you. Either they stand for “Not your choice” or ‘Great Idea, how cool is this’.
If the second option is yours, then we are very happy to give you the first details about CYCLINGWORLD NEW YORK CITY 2025 right here and you should not hesitate a second to pre-register as an exhibitor.